Tour Part 2

Oct. 7, 2014 
Historic House Tour Part 2.

The original section of this home was built in 1750
with a later addition in the 1890's and 1960's.

Steps to terrace.

One of the sitting areas on the terrace.

Steps to the pool.

This 230 year old farmhouse and barn was once a summer camp.
Sorry I took such a far away picture of the house.

The view from the upper area of the barn was spectacular!

The upper area of the barn was a game and movie room for their children.
Below were the horses.

This grand Victorian home and barn were once part of 144 acre farm. 
The original stone home on the property was built in 1764 and the largest part 
was built in 1839 by the homeowners ancestors. 
The farm was sold out of the family's hands in 1926,
 but found and purchased by current homeowner in 1989, 
making him the fifth generation owner.

One last group of photos to come!


  1. Wonderful Louise! So much history...have a great day! ~ronda

  2. What beautiful homes. We just have them that old here in northern Ohio where I am. That 4 story stone Victorian is impressive.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  3. Oh how beautiful those homes are and the surrounding scenery. Thanks for sharing, Francine.

  4. How awesome that the family was able to re-purchase their former home Loved the tour..still wish we could have seen the inside of these marvelous homes. Janice

  5. Beautiful, beautiful homes!! Such history! Any homes that are even close to being that old are put into Greenfield Village!! They are just gorgeous!! Thank you for all the pictures! I love your Maggie B. hooked rug too!


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