My dearest friend.

August 5, 2013

My dearest friend Carole Holt, you may also know as  
passed away peacefully at her home this past Friday evening.
Just a few months ago she was told she had a very rare form of cancer. 
Please take a moment to say a prayer for Carole and her family.
May God watch over her family and keep her in a special place.

We will miss you!
xoxo Louise

The three of us did so much together!

Me, Carole Holt, Carole O'Neill


  1. Very sad to hear of her passing and for your loss of a dear friend.


  2. ...Oh Louise, I am so sorry for your loss. And what a loss this is, not just to her closest friends and family but to so many that she touched just through her blog & her shop. Carol was the sweetest, most genuine, kind hearted person I ever had the pleasure to know. I hope she has gone home knowing just how much she meant to so many, she was loved.

    ...Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    ...God bless & peace be with you.

  3. Louise, I am so very sad about the loss of Carole. Carole and I never met, but we "talked" about our special girls through emails over the years. In that way we were kindred spirits.. of a very special kind. I am so sorry for your loss.
    I'm going to light a candle now...and put it next to a pair of sweet little red shoes...the first purchase I made from Carole"s store many years ago.

  4. Louise,
    I am so sorry. It hurts so much to lose a friend.

  5. That is so sad. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend. My thoughts and prayers are with You, & her family.. ... I count myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to chat via email with Carole.. A truly classy lady! ...In almost every email she spoke of her friendship with you .. She adored you Louise!

  7. I am so very sorry to hear of Carole's passing...losing such a dear friend is ever so difficult. I shall send prayers and gentle hugs of comfort to you, as well as to Carole's family.
    With peace and remembrance ...
    Judy x

  8. This news made me feel so sad, I enjoyed reading on her blog about her mom and their visits, it brought back memories for me of my mom. She seemed to be a strong and loving woman.

  9. I was deeply saddened to hear of Carole's passing. I enjoyed reading her blog, especially when she wrote about her mother, brought back memories for me of my mother. I also loved her online store. She was a loving, caring and strong person, although we never met I could see it and feel it in her words. Pray she is now at peace...


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