The gangs all here!


June 30, 2013
Well, all but one! 
Rae Rae is the only cat that stays indoors at all times.
She is the runt of the bunch and was always getting picked on.
All four cats were once homeless.

Rae Rae lives with my son in the Spring house most times.
She is his little princess.

Lizzie showed up the same time as Rae Rae, not sure if they are related.
Lizzie is a Polydactyl cat, she has thumbs.

Here's a close up.

This is sweet Kitty.
She was fur and bones with 4 kittens when we first saw her.
She had two litters with her brother before I was able to have her spayed.
Oh, it was so hard to say goodbye to her kittens!
She and Lizzie are best friends!
She is about to do her happy roll.

Now onto Brother!!
Brother is Kitty's brother and I think they were born in our barn just before we moved in almost 7 years ago.
He is somewhat wild, he will come to me and rub up against me but I can't touch him.
He has had a lot of medical issues and thank goodness my vet will treat him just hearing his symptoms. 
As you can see he is looking for lovey's from me and the girls!

Well, that's all for my feline kids!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
xoxo Louise


  1. I've never heard of a polydactyl cat. Thanks for enlightening us!
    Great kitty pics.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Evening, love all the Kitty's, SO BEAUTIFUL...HAPPY THEY HAVE GOOD LOVING HOMES, Francine.

  3. AWE!! Your walkway looks just like ours...fur lined with love, BUT tell me Louise have your babies also lined your porch or entrance with their offerings of food?..OH MY GOODNESS -DEAD Shrews.. Birds.. and Frogs are lined up by my doors ...I try to appear grateful to the kitties ,but keeping a smile on my face as i remove these dead carcases is just too much...They are getting a scowl and a gag these days* LOL SUMMER TIME and our beautiful furry babies!
    {{HUGS}} Misi

  4. Yes, indeed! I must have feed them really good this week as they have littered my doorstep with gifts.
    Oh my, I almost stepped on a few!
    They are very grateful kitties...
    Xoxo Louise

  5. Ditto what Lauren said. You certainly take great care of your cats and you're lucky the vet will treat Brother without seeing him. Guess that would be like releasing a mountain lion in the room if you were to cage and take him to the vet.



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