June 24, 2013

In memory of Marcia Ann Parker, the young girl I wrote about in my previous post.
In the next few days I would like to share the poems she loved
 and pasted into her little Bible.
She dated this page 1842.
My father presented me this book
Marcia Parker

Fifty Years Apart.

They sit in the winter gloaming,
And the fire burns bright between;
One has passed seventy summers,
The other just seventeen.

They rest in a happy silence
As the shadows deepen fast;
One lives in a coming future,
And one in a long, long past.

Each dreams of a rush of music,
And a question whispered low;
One will hear it this evening,
One heard it long ago.

Each dreams of a loving husband,
Whose brave heart is hers alone;
For one the joy is coming,
For one the joy has flown.

Each dreams of a life of gladness,
Spent under the sunny skies;
And both the hope and the mem'ry
Shine in the happy eyes.

Who knows which dream is the brightest?
And who knows which is the best?
The sorrow and joy are mingled,
But only the end is rest.
                                                                                 -Parlor Magazine.


  1. I use to love to look through my mother and mother-in-laws Bibles they would save clippings write in the margins it told so many stories about their life. My MIL would use her wall calendar as a diary writing things down on the date. I'm afraid we are loosing more than the time we are gaining in this day of technology ! Thanks for taking the time to share this young girls life with us!

  2. Thanks so much for highlighting this poem...I was having trouble reading along with the previous.

    Such a lovely poem ! *Thank you Louise!

  3. That poem definitely rings true!
    Hugs :)

  4. How beautiful...thank you


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