Historic Home 2

December 11, 2015
Hi everyone,
 Sharing the last of the pictures I took of Liz's beautiful collections.
Sorry, they are not of great quality since I used my old iPhone. 

This beautiful cupboard is full of antique Canton-ware. 
The chandelier was made by Authentic Designs.
I love the simplicity of this room.

Antique silhouettes.

A favorite!
Love this one too! What a sweet little pug!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
xoxo Louise


  1. Beautiful home and agree with Marly with the simplicity. Then I look at my house with items conveniently out in the open and makes my house look cluttered in comparison.

  2. Morning, such a beautiful home, thank you for sharing.Blessings Francine.


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