Christmas decorating

Dec. 10, 2014

Our Christmas tree is up and for the first time I added some colored lights and tinsel!
I think my grandson is going to love it!
Still lots to do but each year less comes out.

This year for Christmas my very best friend Carole O'Neill gave me this Santa dummy board. 
Isn't he wonderful, I love him! 

Have a great evening!
xoxo Louise

Larry made this hanging cupboard from our old barn wood to hide the TV.
He did a great job!

Lars was not happy with Santa this year!!
He's getting to be such a big boy!!


  1. That photo is precious!!! And the room setting superb.

  2. Such an adorable picture with Santa!! Your home looks beautiful, Louise!

  3. Somewhere I have a picture of my son who had the same reaction about that same age. Cute as the dickens. Wonderful home.


  4. Lovely and heartwarming post and photos.

  5. Loved your home pictures, the best was your Grandson with Santa...I myself have a Grandaughter almost two, can't wait to take her!!!

  6. Looks great! I especially love your TV cupboard - and I have a floor lamp very similar to the one standing near it....

  7. Lars in NOT a happy camper. Poor little guy!
    Wonderful dummy board. Your home is lovely.
    Hugs :)

  8. Beautiful Lousie! I know what you mean about less and less each year. Lars with Santa is priceless!

    Merry Christmas.....xoxox

  9. Louise,
    Your home is lovely. What a sweet friend to give you such a wonderful gift to enjoy for many years to come. Poor little Lars. I hope next year will be a better experience for him! Hugs, Lori

  10. Louise...Carole's Santa is perfect in your beautiful room. What a lovely gift from such a talented friend. Lars is adorable!


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