Crochet blankets

September 23,  2014

Oh, how I love these blankets and so want to crochet one!!
I recently bought a pattern in hopes to find the time to make one someday.
I think the colors look so beautiful together!
I thought the last blanket was different from the other two but I might be mistaken.
Has anyone ever made one?

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xoxo Louise

Photos found on Pinterest.


  1. I use to crochet a blanket every Christmas for a family member. The colors of these are wonderful! Janice

  2. My mom and aunts made them quite often but each hexagon had a black border. I really like the first two and they do look different. Maybe a smaller crochet hook?

  3. Those look like a scarf my husband bought me from Garnet Hill. I believe they sell -- or sold -- these afghans. They are beautiful. Sarah

  4. Yes, I've made a couple but years ago. They are the granny squares which get crocheted together. Matter of fact I've still got one in the attic which needs repair. And the Granny Geometric hooked rug reminds me a lot of the granny square afghans I made so that is why I named it Granny Geo.

  5. I don't believe I've see one before. They are very pretty and would be a good take a long project. Let us know your progress when you do it Louise. My grandma used to make the granny square afghans with wool yarns. I remember the squares were smaller. I think I like the hexagons even better! Lori

  6. Oh such a beautiful blanket, love it.Blessings Francine.

  7. Love them Louise! I have seen them on Pinterest too, I think it is the beautiful colors that attracted me. I have seen the pattern before but never in colors that work with primitive decor, I might have to think about making one. Love them all! ~ronda

  8. I have seen this picture before, and I LOVE the crocheted blanket, looks awesome in that room !

  9. Wonderful piece! I have to know my limits on picking up another project! I have to say that crocheting will never be in my future. I tried it once, and I just don't have it in me LOL. I'm sure you would do an awesome job.... Hope to see an update on something you start!


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