Penny Mats

July 29, 2014
I purchased a penny mat kit from 
The kit includes all the materials you need to make two primitive candle mats.
Cee also provides 5  youtube videos on how to assemble the mats.
I find stitching using the blanket stitch so relaxing!

I have finished one, just needs pressing and almost finished stitching the other.

Wishing you all a great evening! 
xoxo Louise


  1. Hi, Louise, I purchased one of her kits too. Anxious for it to arrive. Yours is lovely, and is perfect with those antique miniature portraits.

  2. It looks wonderful! I just watched the video's this morning. She makes it look so easy. I can't wait to try it out. I have soooo much wool, as it is, for rug hooking and I want to try a penny rug like this.

  3. Hi Louise,,

    I have just ordered her kit too! ... Her work is amazing. You did a great job on yours!..

    simple thyme prims

  4. Your blanket stitch is SO even and consistent. That isn't what my stitches look like and guess I'm wanting to hurry it along too much. Must admit that penny rugs are a more convenient form of entertainment and can be easily contained more than rug hooking.


  5. Louise,
    I, too, watched her videos (twice actually) and they are excellent. I almost purchased the kit but instead decided to use my own wools. I was going to stitch on the road to and from Chicago but it was not possible with a pug on my
    Yours turned out great!!!
    Pug hugs ;)

  6. Prim perfection! Love the soft coloring of the wools too!

  7. Beautiful mats, Louise. I love Cee's rugs and love her videos! These mats are just the perfect size!

  8. Your mat came out beautiful Louise. I too purchased a kit from Cee and can not wait to begin!! Her colors are so wonderful.

    Wishing you a great day ~ doreen


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