Christmas decorating

December 7, 2013

Christmas decorating in the works here.
My music is on, candles are lit and it's feels
so warm and cozy inside, while poor hubby is 
outside trimming the lamp posts and fencing 
with pine roping and lights.
Maybe I'll surprise him with a nice hot cup of tea. 

I got a really late start this year so I'm trying
to keep it simple.
Sharing a few photos in my dinning room.
Later today I will work on our tree in the living room
and hopefully tomorrow I'll take a walk in the woods
to collect lots of fresh greens and berries.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
xoxo Louise

Antique ornaments and candle weights on the feather tree.

Old German Nativity/Creche, and I love my little 
Angel chimes.

Huntboard waiting for fresh greens.


  1. Your feather tree and other decorations are wonderful, but that rug you hooked on the wall about your Nativity scene is magnificent!!!!! Merry Christmas.


  2. Ohhhh!!!! Your cozy home looks wonderful decorated for the all your antique glass ornaments on the tree, beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  3. Beautiful tree, Louise...I said the same thing last week about not putting much out this year...but after 100 trips to the basement, raking through several boxes of decorations, putting it all back only to drag it all out again...I just decided to do what I usually do.. now the house looks like a Hallmark store! Oh well...I keep thinking of simplifying...but it never seems to work for me! I agree with Saundra....your rug is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you!
    Well, why not bring it all up if you're going up and down anyway! I'm sure it all looks just beautiful!!!

  5. Louise,
    Your feather tree is magnificent, but it is the bowl of stone fruit that I love! One of my favorite collections!
    Hugs :)

  6. Your home looks lovely, Louise. I'm always happy to see a fellow brass the candlesticks! The candle weights are so sweet!

  7. Oh Louise...such elegant decorations! Simply lovely!!!! (And your hooked rug...gorgeous!)
    Sending hugs ...

  8. so so pretty my Friend ~ loverly home you have!
    Merry Christmas to You!

  9. Beautiful decorating, simple and elegant. What is that sampler hiding behind the tree?


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